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It is almost impossible to provide a correct translation of a text you do not fully understand. Therefore, I am sorry to say that I don’t feel qualified to translate highly specialized technical, legal or medical texts.

I have specialized in:

• business and economy: a field that suggested itself after long years of hands-on experience in an international company. The complete range of business-related materials, from business letters, circulars and company newsletters to brochures, various marketing materials and company websites, is familiar territory for me.

• management training and coaching: subjects such as sales techniques, leadership, teamwork, human resources, marketing strategies

• IT, in particular computer and Internet security: from marketing materials, whitepapers, newsletters and product descriptions to software localization (help files, GUI, software strings for different types of software: firewall and security suite, employee rating and development software, auditing software for agricultural suppliers)

• apps, including GUI strings, app store descriptions and press releases for a variety of apps ranging from shopping list and budgeting apps to MMORPGs. For this field, I have an in-house team of two nerdy proofreaders. Who could review a text more diligently than teenagers who are eager to find their parents' mistakes?

• general texts such as current newspaper and magazine articles, essays and websites as well as texts from my fields of interest such as human rights and environment issues, psychology, tourism, fiction various crafts, health and fitness, beauty and cosmetics etcetera.

I also like to explore new subjects and fields. Should you need a translation of a text with a subject matter not included above, please do not hesitate to contact me – I will truthfully tell you whether it is doable for me or not.

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