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About me


Ever since my very first English lesson at school at the age of 10, I have been wildly determined to choose a career involving foreign languages. During my 10 years of experience as a bilingual secretary and export sales clerk, I realized that translating was the part of my job I liked best.

To acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and educational background, I took up a correspondence course in translation with the AKAD, Stuttgart. In addition to the institute's internal AKAD translators' exam, I successfully acquired the translation certification by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dortmund. Since 2004, I have been working as a freelance translator.

My complete résumé can be viewed here.


Translating is a service, and customer satisfaction is on top of my list of priorities. You can expect reliability and flexibility, quality and utmost care as well as strict adherence to deadlines. You can also rest assured that I will only accept translations within the scope of my abilities and capacities.

Ongoing Education and Qualification

"Live and learn" – this is particularly true for translators and includes several aspects:

•  Language: Languages are not static, so a permanent immersion in both, the source and the target language, is indispensable. I keep my language proficiency up to date by reading English newspapers, periodicals and books, by watching television and DVDs in English as well as by private contacts and travels to English-speaking countries.

• Specialized knowledge: Even full bilingualism does not yet make for a good translator.   In my fields of specialization, I keep myself informed by reading specialized literature in English and German.  Especially for areas such as IT and computer security, where new terms keep evolving, reading magazines, websites and forums in both languages is the best way to acquire the latest terminology.

• Writing skills: While an in-depth knowledge of the source language is an important point, writing skills in the target language are even more crucial to produce translations that read like originals. Continually honing these skills is something I consider to be a part of my job.

• Tools of the trade: Knowing one's tools helps a lot to be productive and also consistent in translation, so being familiar with the latest office software and translation memory systems is another important point on the agenda.

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